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  • Avdi Interviewed on

    Avdi Interviewed on

    Jun 30, 10 • In Interviews

    Hashrocket TV interviewed me at RailsConf 2010, and the video is now up. Click through to see the fabled Wide Teams Phoney Hat in living color!

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  • Open Thread – What’s your biggest dispersed team frustration?

    Open Thread – What’s your biggest dispersed team frustration?

    Jun 30, 10 • In Discussion

    No article today. Instead, since this is a community site instead I though it might be fun to get a conversation started. Topic: what is your biggest frustration with working in a dispersed team

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  • Using a Control Channel to facilitate virtual meetings

    Using a Control Channel to facilitate virtual meetings

    Jun 29, 10 • In Tips & Hacks

    Data communications protocols are often divided into a control channel and a data channel. An example from electrical engineering are the “control lines” and “data lines” in an RS-232 connector. The FTP protocol uses a similar arrangement, where a control connection is opened to port 21, and a data connection to port 20. The source of this common pattern is the realization that it is fundamentally difficult to manage a conversation using the same channel you are using to have the conversation. It’s hard to say “wait, you’re sending me too much information” if the pipe you you need to send that message on is clogged with all that information. Human conversations use a control channel as well. Our data channel, of course, is our voices. But when people are gathered in a room for a

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  • Wide Teams Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Mike Zazaian, Part 1

    Wide Teams Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Mike Zazaian, Part 1

    Jun 28, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

    This was the very first interview I conducted for Wide Teams. I couldn't have picked a better subject for a first interview if I had tried, because Mike had such a wealth of insights to share that I had to split the interview into multiple parts. This is part

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  • Wide Links #2

    Wide Links #2

    Jun 25, 10 • In Links

    A collection of links about remote work and distributed teams, from around the web. 12 Reasons you should work from home: As I write this from my home office, a pleasant breeze is drifting through the open window. The air is fresh, I am at a comfortable temperature. I can hear the birds singing in the garden. It’s a wonderful work environment. Donanza: sporting the tagline “Work without boundaries”, Donanza is a search engine for online freelance jobs. A “Telework declaration of independence“. A day in the life of a remote worker: I am definitely more productive than when I worked in the office. My work time is  more focused; I can work when I’m a little under the weather; and my time off is not spent in traffic. If I have a break between tasks, I can use

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  • The Remote Toolkit: Google Drawings (screencast)

    The Remote Toolkit: Google Drawings (screencast)

    Jun 24, 10 • In Toolkit

    A quick walkthrough of the basic features of the new Google Drawing app, with a focus on remote collaboration features. Photo credit: Fran Pregernik

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  • The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide: Part 1

    The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide: Part 1

    Jun 22, 10 • In Basics

    Part one of a multi-part guide to getting started as a geographically distributed team. In this article I talk about the attitudes that form the foundations of an effective dispersed team. This is the first installment of a multipart guide distilling the basics of what I’ve learned so far about effective distributed teamwork. This series will take a concrete, prescriptive approach, with specific practices and tools recommended. Any distributed team will eventually need to customize their workflow and tools to their own preferences and needs. The advice here is simply a starting point based on common elements that have worked for other distributed teams

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  • Wide Teams Podcast Episode #2: Interview with Anthony Eden

    Jun 20, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode we feature another interview from RailsConf 2010. Today’s interview is with Anthony Eden, a developer, blogger, and longtime remote worker living in Honolulu, Hawaii

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  • Wide Links #1

    Wide Links #1

    Jun 18, 10 • In Links

    Various recent links of interest to remote workers. This week: virtual scrum meetings, the office of the future, group health plans for freelancers, and much more

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  • Remote Toolkit: MindMeister (Screencast)

    Remote Toolkit: MindMeister (Screencast)

    Jun 17, 10 • In Toolkit

    A short screencast demoing one of my favorite remote team collaboration tools: MindMeister. In it, I demonstrate how mind maps can be built collaboratively by multiple users, and talk a little about how this can be useful in remote meetings

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