Hello RailsConf!

Hello RailsConf!

Jun 8, 10 • In Uncategorized

I just got home from having a fantastic time socializing at the Pratt Street Ale House across the street from RailsConf 2010. It’s been tremendously exciting to talk to so many people who are working on distributed teams, or are considering moving to distributed work. The conversations I’ve had have served to confirm my suspicions: there us a tremendous pool of experience in doing remote work out there, scattered across many organizations. And there is a great deal of curiosity about dispersed teamwork. What’s needed is a place for the knowledgeable and the curious to come together. That’s what Wide Teams is all about.

I’ll be at RailsConf all week, armed with a microphone and a silly hat. I’ll be recording interviews with Ruby and Rails developers about their experiences with distributed teams. All of these interviews will be published in the form of a podcast in the coming months. I’ve got some great interviewees lined up already, and I’m looking forward to talking to as many people as I can over the next few days. If you are at railsConf and see me, please introduce yourself!

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