Wide Teams Podcast Episode #2: Interview with Anthony Eden

Jun 20, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

In this episode we feature another interview from RailsConf 2010. Today’s interview is with Anthony Eden, a developer, blogger, and longtime remote worker living in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Show Notes:

  • Anthony’s Eden’s home page with all of his assorted contact info.
  • All Things (v8)“, where he has been posting short video blogs about getting started as a freelance developer.

00:30 – Anthony Eden

  • Freelance Developer and Blogger from Honolulu, Hawaii

01:22 – Anthony’s introduction and background

  • SDC Hawaii, LLC
  • Operate .mp top-level domains
  • Outside consulting

01:52 – History with remote development and work

  • Search for ways to build trustworthy network
  • Mobile developer always on the move

02:40 – Current team and how Anthony works remotely

  • Some local developers work in an office in Honolulu
  • Source code repository
  • Communicate on a daily basis
  • Use Pivotal Tracker to track everything

03:34 – Challenges of remote work

  • Staying in touch
  • Forget that you have other teammates to call upon for questions and advice

04:23 – Tools

  • Pivotal
  • Git
  • Skype, GoogleTalk, Email, phone

05:03 – Advice for future and current remote workers and groups

  • Know your process
  • Decide what tools you’re going to use and how you’re going to use them
  • Set up and document processes
  • Know the face of the person you’re working with

06:05 – Wrap up

07:17 – End

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One Response to Wide Teams Podcast Episode #2: Interview with Anthony Eden

  1. Thanks for putting this all together. Working from the middle of nowhere and while not feeling nowhere is a challenge for many of us. I appreciate hearing from those (like Anthony here) who seem to have found a balance between their mobility and their collaborative / cooperative spirit.

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