Wide Links #2

Wide Links #2

Jun 25, 10 • In Links

A collection of links about remote work and distributed teams, from around the web.

12 Reasons you should work from home:

As I write this from my home office, a pleasant breeze is drifting through the open window. The air is fresh, I am at a comfortable temperature. I can hear the birds singing in the garden. It’s a wonderful work environment.

Donanza: sporting the tagline “Work without boundaries”, Donanza is a search engine for online freelance jobs.

A “Telework declaration of independence“.

A day in the life of a remote worker:

I am definitely more productive than when I worked in the office. My work time is  more focused; I can work when I’m a little under the weather; and my time off is not spent in traffic. If I have a break between tasks, I can use that time personally and then go back “on the clock” when I’m needed. How much time do employers lose when their staff is waiting for the next task, or trying to fill their down time?

Telework simply equals savings:

telework can save U.S. businesses $400 billion a year. In addition to the cost savings, telework policies can also increase productivity, lower office costs and reduced absenteeism and staff turnover.

Title photo by Max Klingensmith

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2 Responses to Wide Links #2

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for the link Avdi. As you are into software I should say I work for MySQL/Sun/Oracle (via the acquisition process). Remote working is very widespread within those organizations – in fact MySQL was almost exclusively a virtual company. Companies are (finally) starting to see the pros. Companies with what I call a “1980s mindset” didn’t trust their employees to work from home – which of course begged the question “why are you hiring people you don’t trust”. Hehehe. They are finally “getting it”. Great site you have here, and it is important to spread the word on this. Thanks.

    • Avdi Grimm says:

      Hey, thanks for the kind words! If you or anyone at MySQL/Sun/Oracle would be interested in sharing their experiences of remote work with the Wide Teams audience, please get in touch with me – avdi at wideteams dot com.

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