Wide Teams Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Mike Zazaian, Part 1

Wide Teams Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Mike Zazaian, Part 1

Jun 28, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

In part 1, Mike talks about how he got into remote work, SCRUM iterations versus Kanban, why it’s important to assume nothing when communicating with remote coworkers – and much, much more.


Show Notes:

01:00 – Mike Zazaian introduction, history & background

  • Remote worker for 4 years
  • PHP work, project management in L.A., C-Sharp, Java, .NET

02:02 – Key to remote work

  • Rigorous communication and organization
  • Better to be sure than miss something
  • Structuring thoughtful emails
  • State of the project emails
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Teamwide communication

05:30 – Importance of daily state of the project emails

  • Look at every day as nobody knows anything
  • Item by item completion
  • Flexible milestones
  • Doesn’t assume arbitrary temporal segments of work to be done
  • What is today, may not be the same tomorrow

08:20 – Mike and remote work

  • Values freedom
  • Background in English and Film Studies
  • Rails as an art form
  • Environments are crucial
  • Everybody has business value
  • Perceptible value of happiness

14:40 – Making remote work successful

  • Convey the quality of work as a developer
  • Convey business value
  • Sell the client on yourself
  • Make the client at ease via communication
  • Developer and project manager communication

20:40 – Wrap up

20:59 – End

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