Wide Teams Podcast Episode 5: Interviews with Hashrocket and Rhomobile

Wide Teams Podcast Episode 5: Interviews with Hashrocket and Rhomobile

Jul 12, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

Two interviews in this episode. I talk to Jim Remsick and Paul Elliot of Hashrocket about why Hashrocket chooses to avoid remote work. And then, I talk to Brian Moore of Rhomobile about their globally dispersed team.


Show Notes:

02:14 – Introduce Jim Remsick and Paul Elliot: developers at Hashrocket

  • Limited experience with remote work
  • At Hashrocket, policy is to be co-located on one site and paired all the time

04:06 – Stressing co-located work

  • Everyone together
  • Culture and doing things outside of work

05:40 – Advice to future groups considering remote work

  • Don’t skimp on equipment
  • Overcommunicate

07:14 – Distributed teams need to be improved

08:42 – Introduce Brian Moore of Rhomobile

  • Mobile framework company in Campbell, CA

09:16 – History with distributed work

  • International
  • Daily standup meetings for communication
  • Skype, messaging, email contact
  • Coordinating timezones

11:05 – Challenges of working remotely

  • Communications barrier (language)

11:45 – Benefits of having a distributed team

  • Experience of different people in different cultures

12:35 – Tools

  • Skype
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Need something that provides voice, email communication all-in-one

13:05 – Advice for future remote workers

  • Maintaining communication is key

13:35 – Wrap up

14:17 – End

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