Wide Teams Podcast #6: BohConf Roundtable Part 1

Wide Teams Podcast #6: BohConf Roundtable Part 1

Jul 19, 10 • In Podcast

Today on the podcast, a recording of a roundtable discussion held at the BohConf unconference inside of RailsConf 2010. Topcs covered include teleconferencing practices, why instant messaging can be an antipattern, and different strategies for estimating work.


Show Notes:

04:40 – Teleconferencing Practices

  • Call in to the same conversation
  • Don’t want to leave anyone out
  • Engage everyone

07:05 – Instant Messaging as an antipattern

  • Always leaves somebody out

11:45 – Different strategies for estimating work

  • Number of hours
  • Level of difficulty
  • Different problems at the same speed
  • Planning Poker
  • Hard deadlines

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