Wide Links #8: I’m on a Train!

Wide Links #8: I’m on a Train!

Aug 13, 10 • In Links

Links about remote work and dispersed teams, from all around the web. In this edition: workshifting from the train; the disciplined remote worker; more evidence that telework increases productivity, and more.

  • Increased telework as a strategy for combating the economic duldrums.

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      • Virtual offices can also help companies boost productivity by attracting the most qualified staff, no matter where they live. An employee in Los Angeles can work for a company in Manhattan using virtual office technologies that generate greater productivity by effectively extending the company’s operating hours.

        What’s more, telecommuting from a virtual office can lead to higher employee retention rates, removing the cost and productivity losses associated with hiring and training new workers. Telecommuting also decreases stress, according to the CompTIA study, and potentially reduces auto emissions


  • A list of studies showing the productivity benefits of workplace flexibility.

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      • I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces of flexibility research.  I’ve also included a list of resources that have been studying and advocating for greater flexibility for more than a decade.


  • A plug for an eBook on remote collaboration tools.

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      • it seems clear that business pressures will only demand more tools that improve the capabilities of remote workers


  • Workshifting in style aboard an Amtrak train.

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        • If I were magically a bachelor again I would seriously consider traveling the country by train, working remotely all the way.



  •  I am actually curious to see if I can stay productive while traveling down the entire East Coast on an Amtrak
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      • To build that sense of external accountability, start making unprompted promises to deliver work to your colleagues.

        I’m not just talking about big-ticket deadlines; I’m talking about everyday tasks that contribute to your colleagues’ projects. Making a commitment to deliver to someone will almost certainly help you to be more disciplined about the way you work, and the way your prioritize what you have to do each day. Having someone else’s expectations to live up to is a great motivator.


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      • While screen sharing you can take a video snapshot of what your colleague is doing in case you want to watch it later. It’s a really useful bit of functionality!


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