Celebrating Six Months of Wide Teams!

Celebrating Six Months of Wide Teams!

Dec 8, 10 • In Site News

It’s our 6-month anniversary! Come join us for a look back over our first half-year of existence, and tell us what you want us to cover in the future.

Six months ago (technically, six months ago yesterday) I published the first Wide Teams blog post. Since then I’ve interviewed dozens of remote workers, made a lot of awesome new friends, and confirmed that a lot of people are interested in the subject of geographically dispersed teams. We’ve even been featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Some stats as of today, for the record:

Here are our five most popular posts over the last six months:

  • Ironically, the most popular post was Wide Teams are Stagnant Teams, a contrarian take highlighting some of the challenges that face geographically distributed teams.
  • Photo Day! suggested that just as office workers keep a photo of their family on their desk, people who work from home should keep a photo of their dispersed team within easy view.
  • 5 myths of remote work set out to debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about working in a distributed team.
  • In the Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide Part 4, I talked about the importance of having a way to express your “virtual presence” through the course of the work day.
  • Landing a Job on a Remote Team is just what it sounds like – a guide to getting noticed and getting hired by a company that is friendly to remote workers.

I hope you’ll help me celebrate this milestone by spreading the word:

Thanks to you, the Wide Teams readers, for making the first six months a success! The next six months are going to be even better.

Stick around, we’re just getting started!

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2 Responses to Celebrating Six Months of Wide Teams!

  1. Congrats!

    I’ve found out that you liked our tool on GigaOM and followed to this site.
    I subscribed to your rss feed so we could better understand needs and problems of distributed teams and improve our service. BTW, we’re a distributed team ourselves.

    Good luck, looking forward for more great articles.

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