Wide Links #18

Wide Links #18

Feb 25, 11 • In Links

  • A telecommuting trial run isn’t a bad idea, as long as it’s not biased against success from the start.

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    • Telecommuting is becoming more common in organizations of every size. It makes it possible to work with the best people for your projects, no matter where they are based. It can be an opportunity to keep your team happy and it’s a privilege you may be able to provide without a lot of work or expense on your part. Even if telecommuting doesn’t wind up working for all of your team and on all of the projects you work on, it’s worth at least trying out to see when it will work and when it could be useful.
  • Don’t forget to praise your coworkers just because you can’t see them.

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    • One of my clients has a habit of tweeting her impressions of her team’s performance, particularly around project deadlines. She makes fairly general but genuine comments about the team’s work, what’s motivating them and the atmosphere of excitement prior to product release. This communicates her appreciation to her team members as well as others in the organization, and contributes to the sense of respect and vitality in this close-knit team.
  • Really good article about the importance of friendships in making teams more productive.

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    • Merely orchestrating virtual water cooler meetings on a regular basis does not address the issue, especially when management coordinates the meetings.
    • No doubt, developing such shared experience among members of distributed teams takes longer than it does when employees meet in the hallway or on breaks. Nevertheless, shared experience, not just shared information, is fundamental to the social networks underlying collaboration and community.
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    • Script the important collaborations. Don’t make collaboration optional between the teams when planning, tracking and reviewing (of course this doesn’t mean everyone on all teams). The level of collaboration will be context-specific to the domain of the work, its complexity and the maturity of the team.
  • A Skype competitor – up to 6-way video chat with recording. Windows and Mac only.

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  • The government’s new rules on telework may start to push non-federal jobs outside of the office as well.

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    • paying attention to how this new law is implemented could be very valuable in many ways: for the business who wants a positive impact on the bottom line, for managers who want to find and keep talented employees, and for employees who are looking for some flexibility and balance.

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