Podcast #26: Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com

Podcast #26: Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com

Mar 8, 11 • In Interviews, Podcast

In this episode I talked to Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com, a web-based collaboration tool for distributed teams. This is another episode recovered from near-disastrous technical malfunction, and as a result all of my audio has been re-dubbed. Thankfully, Sahil’s insights into he advantages of a dispersed team have been fully preserved.


Show notes:

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  1. […] it’s not real recently because I’m backlogged on listening to WideTeams) Avdi posted “Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com”. I don’t know Sahil but as I listened to this particular episode, it just spoke to me. The […]

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