Podcast #30: Dan Menard of Macadamian

Podcast #30: Dan Menard of Macadamian

Jul 25, 11 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

A discussion with Dan Menard of Macadamian, covering the importance of taking the time to build personal relationships; the advantages of having a team that’s split across time zones, the practice of distributed code review, and much more!



Show notes:

03:15 – Dan’s background

  • Macadamian Technologies based out of Ottowa, Canada, with offices in Romania and Armenia
  • Product creation company that helps other companies bring products to life
  • Software development
  • User research
  • User experience and visual design
  • Quality assurance

04:02 – History with oversea startup

  • Helped to work more effectively with clients in different timezones

06:00 – Schedule Flexibility

  • Adjusted schedule
  • Work from home or office

07:28 – Importance of relationships

  • Personal connection
  • Avoid “Us” versus “Them” mentality
  • Skype is useful
  • Personal presence at all offices

09:50 – Advantages of working with teams across time zones

  • Working in teams across time zones expands a regular work day
  • Instead of fitting 8 hours into a work day, you can get around 16
  • Get projects done in half the time
  • Overlap shifts slightly to sync up with SCRUM meetings, etc.

12:00 – Tools

  • Skype
  • Confluence (Wiki)
  • Email
  • Internal mailing lists and news groups
  • Yammer

14:40 – Smartboard

  • Whiteboard with a projector hooked up to it
  • Touchscreen
  • Interactive

17:06 – Code Review

  • Patch-a-day
  • Do things in small batches
  • Develops good patterns and catches bugs earlier
  • Responsibility

19:00 – Adjustment to working with distributed teams

20:52 – Future of working with distributed teams

21:24 – Advice to distributed groups

  • Do whatever works for your individual team

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One Response to Podcast #30: Dan Menard of Macadamian

  1. Didier Thizy says:

    Even harder than getting software developers who are 12 hours away to work together is getting different functions working together on the same product. For example, getting UI designers and product management at HQ to work with the remote development team in India, for example!

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