Podcast #32: Louis Font of Zyncro

Podcast #32: Louis Font of Zyncro

May 16, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode I talk to Louis Font of Zyncro. We talk about his internationally distributed team and how they, as a company, seek to be available to customers 24/7 no matter what time zone they are located in, solving communication gaps between businesses and social networks, and how important physical communication is in the world of remote work.


Show Notes:

Twitter: @zyncro

00:40 – Introduction

  • Louis Font of Zyncro, an enterprise social network
  • Employees around the world: Spain, France, Argentina, USA
  • Develop local relationship with customers no matter what time zones customers are in

02:22 – Louis’ background

  • Entrepreneur out of Barcelona that creates, grows and sells companies for profit

04:20 – Distributed team structure and background

09:08 – Challenges working distributed

  • You have to meet other team members that you’re working with to establish fluent relationships

10:30 – Cultural differences between team members

  • Human interaction is important no matter where you are

12:00 – Zyncro as a company

  • Trying to solve communication gaps between businesses and social networks
  • Enhances software using collaboration tools

16:22 – Advice for distributed teams

  • Communication minimum two times per day

17:20 – Future of distributed teams

  • Will become more common

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