Podcast #33: Keith Casey of Blue Parabola

Podcast #33: Keith Casey of Blue Parabola

May 24, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Keith Casey of Blue Parabola talks about managing a successful PHP company with  a 100% distributed team, being a buffer zone between corporate and open-source worlds, and what mainstream companies look for in hiring remote workers.


Show Notes:

PHP Architect

02:06 – Keith Casey introduction and background

  • Software developer based in Austin Texas
  • Primary focus is PHP community
  • Blue Parabola 100% distributed

03:12 – History of Blue Parabola as a distributed team

  • Natural progression

04:20 – Blue Parabola

  • One of the more active, unheard of, PHP companies
  • Runs PHP Architect Magazine
  • Runs PHP Tech, a conference in Chicago
  • Contracting, consulting, training
  • Works with companies of people trying to understand the PHP community
  • Buffer zone between corporate world and open-source world

06:30 – A day in the life with Keith

  • Varied work schedule/time zones
  • Chat channel/status calls
  • Twice a week daily stand-ups

08:22 – Useful tools

09:05 – Web 2 Project

  • Lead developer
  • Web-based formal project management

13:45 – Ups and downs of working from home

  • No commute time is nice
  • Stopping at the end of the day is difficult

14:38 – Communicating in person as a team

  • Try for once a quarter
  • Conferences

16:45 – PHP Community

  • Mainstream companies doing big things who hire people wherever they are located
  • Hiring experienced people

19:20 – Advice for future dispersed teams

  • Open up channels for communication and get used to communicating there

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