Podcast #34: Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group

Podcast #34: Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group

May 31, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group talks about being a part of a consultancy and the importance of reputation, balancing family and distributed work, and a wonderful project aimed at our youth to introduce them to coding at a young age and keep the Ruby community alive and thriving!


Show Notes:

Twitter: @deadprogram
The Hybrid Group
Kanban Pad 
The Kids Ruby Project

00:51 – Introduction

  • Ron Evans of the Hybrid Group a software consultancy with a dispersed team

01:50 – Interview begins

02:05 – Ron’s background

  • Ring leader of The Hybrid Group: a development company based in L.A.
  • Has developers in 5 countries, 4 different time zones, speaking in 4 different languages

04:05 – Sustainable development

  • Works on client programs already in progress
  • Takes over an existing code base

04:38 – Communication practices

  • Uses real-time communication
  • Has Skype chat room for each client and encourages client participation
  • Transparency is essential

06:00 – Being extreme

  • Times when distractions need to be eliminated
  • Times when you need to be collaborative

06:40 – Tools

  • Skype
  • Email
  • Ticketmaster
  • Clutch: universal feed that allows you to track projects
  • Kanban
  • Kanban Pad

11:45 – Consultancies

  • Reputation is key
  • Caring gives you a competitive edge
  • Treat client how you wish to be treated
  • How can we make things better and improve as a provider of service

14:10 – Building a remote culture

  • Geographic centers where you can cowork
  • Silly customs can help build the culture of a dispersed team
  • PBEOD: Production by end of day
  • Deploy Master: rotating person in charge each day

23:40 – History of The Hybrid Group

  • Meet tons of like-minded people, especially at conferences
  • Evolution of Ron’s previous consultancy

29:35 – Pair programming and when to do it

  • Pairing is done to solve a problem and to have people looking at code collaborativly
  • Screen-share-style pairing
  • Pairing with a client
  • Solving a particularly difficult problem
  • Do anything all the time is not a good approach to solving problems

36:48 – Does agile development work?

38:30 – Family and distributed work

  • Avoid commute times
  • Choose your own environment for productivity
  • Having control over your own destiny
  • Investing in people rather than infrastructure

41:50 – The Kids Ruby Project

  • Fantastic developers started programming very young
  • Computer education in schools is decreasing for programming type jobs

50:55 – Advice for future dispersed teams

  • Cultivate an attitude of transparency
  • Share information
  • Truth will set you free
  • Be ethical

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