Podcast #35: Harvey Losin

Podcast #35: Harvey Losin

Jun 6, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

Wide Teams field correspondent Keith Bennett interviews Harvey Losin, talking about outsourcing and the challenges that come with it; working with people in different time zones and cultures; and why knowing business is more valuable than any technical tool you can offer.


Show Notes:

02:30 – Harvey’s background and information

04:40 – Working with time zones

  • People from different time zones have different tasks to do

05:22 – Communication issues

  • Accents

07:00 – Assignments

  • Graphic design
  • Logo
  • Layout changes
  • Web development support
  • Coding
  • Graphic conversion
  • Technical support

09:35 – Working with time zones

  • Emergency meetings
  • Provide two points of contact

11:00 – Tools

12:30 – Providers should adjust to their clients

13:15 – Outsourcing challenges

  • Insufficient/incomplete instructions
  • Filling in gaps

15:41 – How Harvey got his start

  • Never stop learning

19:35 – Keep a balance of local and overseas clients

20:43 – Never be complacent with technology

25:40 – Studying business

  • Reaching your clients better
  • Understanding issues and problems and how you can solve them

27:25 – Dealing with clients from a different culture

  • Budget/Haggling
  • Western clients are more objective and know what they want
  • Know psychology of all types of culture
  • Good to know how to allocate resources

35:00 – Advice

  • Don’t make technical things your primary tool
  • Communicate and be able to talk business

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