Podcast #37: Justin Searls of Test Double

Podcast #37: Justin Searls of Test Double

Jun 20, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Justin Searls of Test Double, shares his experiences – both good and bad, in working with distributed teams, how to turn the tides when things are going noticably sour within a project, and the importance of forming habits that stick.


Show Notes:

Test Double
Twitter: @searls
Beautiful Front End Code Conference 

01:14 – Justin’s history and background with remote work

  • Consulting for 6 years

01:53 – Bad experiences with distributed teams

  • Satellite offices trash talking each other
  • Communication constraints
  • Passive agressiveness

05:30 – Turning the tide

  • Get of the project
  • Everyone’s doing their best

07:50 – Good experiences with distributed teams

  • When coaching isn’t necessary
  • Coming from a common foundation and similar levels of experience

11:25 – Normalization

  • Improving communication
  • Team mindset
  • Handshake Problem
  • Every opinion matters

13:33 – Communication cost is significantly higher within distributed teams

16:06 – Warning signs that the cost of communication is becoming too expensive

  • Remote people getting left out
  • People get lost and become uncomfortable about where things in the project are
  • Forming habits that stick
  • Value asynchronous communication

19:50 – Advice for dispersed teams

  • Recognize what kind of organization style you have
  • Don’t prejudge

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