Podcast #38: Vassilis Rizopoulos of Zühlke

Podcast #38: Vassilis Rizopoulos of Zühlke

Jun 27, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

Vassilis Rizopoulos, of Zühlke, talks about what it is like to handle equipment that can be remotely operated, working within a company’s IT limitations, and the importance of setting boundaries when working from home.


Show Notes:

Twitter: @arcandros

01:20 – Vassilis’ history and background

  • Working remotely for 8 years
  • Works for Zühlke, an engineering company that provides services for clients that want to create projects

05:30 – Embedded hardware development

  • Works with equipment that can be remotely operated

08:49 – Structure of Vasillis’ remote teams

  • Many branches located in many places

11:17 – Iteration meetings

  • Collaboration tools

14:36 – Daily stand-ups

15:24 – Interaction with co-workers

  • If something breaks or there is a problem
  • If everything is ok, contact is minimal to once or twice a day
  • Travels to other offices

18:30 – Information radiators

  • A tool that brings information back to the developer as quickly as possible
  • Needs updated regularly
  • Needs to be visible to the team

22:41 – Working with IT limitations

26:00 – Advice for working remotely

  • Get a room with a door
  • Boundaries need to be clear to be productive

27:00 – Positives and negatives of working remotely

  • Working from home

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