Podcast #40: Mike Leone of Panoptic Development

Podcast #40: Mike Leone of Panoptic Development

Jul 11, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Mike Leone of Panoptic Development, talks about transitioning into remote work, working with people who are not local, and integrating someone new into a dispersed team.


Show Notes:

Panoptic Development
Twitter: @panopticdev

01:28 – Mike’s background and history

  • One of the founders of Panoptic Development
  • Does software engineering with open source development
  • Mobile application development
  • Systems integration work
  • 4 full-time partners: 2 in Providence, RI, 2 in San Francisco and a network of 5 consultants throughout the country

02:38 – How the company came to be

  • 3 partners worked at a startup in Providence and branched off

03:59 – Changes made when going remote

  • Get better at the things they were already doing
  • Think about business development
  • Tool selection

05:14 – Working with people who were not local

  • Networking

05:56 – Integrating someone new into a distributed team

  • Transition from small tasks to larger ones
  • People who express more interest in becoming more active within the company

07:10 – A day in the life working together remotely

  • IRC meeting
  • Client work/business development

13:35 – Challenges of going remote

  • Picking better projects to people to integrate them into working remotely
  • Being consistent

14:57 – Physically getting together as a team

  • At least once a year the partners get together

16:55 – Advice for remote workers

  • Having good tools makes a difference
  • Be flexible in your process: everyone works differently

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