Episode #44: Rob Park

Episode #44: Rob Park

Aug 8, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Rob Park, an independent software consultant and Agile coach talks about all aspects of remote pair programming, different ways distributed teams choose to communicate, and the art of participating in daily standups.


Show Notes:

Twitter: @robpark

00:30 – Rob Park introduction & history

  • Independent software consultant & Agile coach
  • Teams trying to hang on to good talent
  • Based in Colorado

02:22 – Remote pairing

  • Extreme programming background
  • Finding the right setup
  • Great way to get ideas
  • Fun to work that way

06:20 – Pairing etiquette

  • Visual cues
  • Asking permission

07:51 – Communication is everything

  • You can tell the health of an Agile team by the buzz in the room
  • The keyboard is not the bottleneck

09:13 – Ways teams choose to communicate

  • Open chat rooms and IRC channels
  • Open Skype room
  • Chatrooms will die if people do not participate
  • IM tools
  • Email in some rare instances

11:24 – Standups via phone

  • Freedom to be wherever you want to be
  • Headsets required even when co-located
  • Enforce contact

13:44 – Kanbanpad

  • Whiteboards
  • Webcams set up on all the whiteboards

18:22 – Standing up while doing standups

  • Easy to lose focus in front of a screen

20:40 – Joining a distributed team in the future

  • Going stir-crazy in the house
  • Pairing in public

23:05 – Problems getting synced during a pairing session

  • Promiscuous pairing
  • Timezone issues
  • Be flexible and patient

26:56 – Encouraging pairing

30:55 – Tips and tricks

  • Enabling remote workers
  • Privilege to work at home

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