Episode #45: Mike Smith of Blitz.io

Episode #45: Mike Smith of Blitz.io

Aug 15, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

Mike Smith, of Blitz.io, talks about being a part of a distributed team while being based in Austin, TX, why notifications and knowing your app is being used are good for team morale and self-esteem, and different strategies that promote communication between working regions.


Show Notes:

Twitter: @evilmike

00:33 – Mike Smith Introductory

  • Tech Lead at Blitz.io
  • Based in Austin, Texas
  • Team is based mostly in California with 2 others in Brazil

01:25 – History of being distributed

  • Worked with the others in CA before moving to TX
  • Brazilian team are contractors by refferal
  • 6 team members total

02:50 – Working together

  • Keeping in touch on a daily basis
  • Campfire & Pivotal Tracker

03:47 – Automation around Campfire

  • New user registration
  • Plan purchases
  • Exception reporting & errors

07:00 – Energy of knowing your app is being used

  • Sales get a notification
  • Everybody likes to hear the bell ring

08:30 – Strategies to promote communication between regions

  • Weekly call
  • Live internal demos

10:30 – Challenges of distance

  • Communication bandwidth
  • Whiteboard
  • Lucidchart
  • Gesturing

14:35 – Advice for teams starting to work remotely

  • Work with people you’ve worked with before if possible
  • Shared sense of humor

18:43 – Facetime with team members

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