Episode #50: Shaun Eutsey of Terenine Technology Solutions

Episode #50: Shaun Eutsey of Terenine Technology Solutions

Sep 19, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Shaun Eutsey, of Terenine Technology Solutions, talks about kids being a big reason to transition into the work-from-home-community, cool remote tools distributed teams can use, and having the opportunity to never stop learning while working.


Show Notes:


00:45 – Shaun Eutsey introduction & background

  • Shaun is in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Terenine Technology Solutions is based in Chattanooga, TN
  • Dispersed team in Chattanooga, Texas, Florida, Utah
  • First position working remotely

02:16 – Why Shaun is working remotely

  • Pittsburgh commutes are terrible
  • Losing time
  • Wanted to work from home to be with his kids

04:00 – Interviewed with Terenine twice before getting his current job
09:30 – Distribution of Terenine

  • Corporate office in Chattanooga, TN

12:20 – Day-to-day work experience

  • Work closely with teammates
  • Daily standup via GoToMeeting.com
  • Pairing Programming on Skype

15:10 – Tools

20:35 – Learning

  • Pulling knowledge without sitting in the same room
  • Always have channels of communication open

22:58 – Drawbacks of working remotely

  • Missing human interraction
  • Hard transition into remote work (.NET)

25:30 – Pair programming

  • Why aren’t more companies doing this?
  • Keeps teams focused & engaged
  • Helps teams put out better software
  • 6 out of 8 hours spent pairing per day
  • Popcorn Pairing

30:20 – Tips for remote workers

  • Transition from working in an office to being remote is hard
  • Retraining how you’re working
  • Learning to stay focused without someone looking over your shoulder
  • Train your family when you are working

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