Episode #53: Josh Ballanco

Episode #53: Josh Ballanco

Oct 10, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Josh Ballanco of ELC Technologies, talks about working remotely from Ankara, Turkey, the trials and tribulations of sorting through remote work job postings, pairing, and yak shaving days.


Show Notes

Josh Ballanco (twitter / github)
ELC Technologies

01:00 – Josh Ballanco Introduction & Backgroud

  • Software engineer with ELC Technologies – a consulting group based out of Portland, OR
  • Works out of Ankara, Turkey
  • Currently working on SOA (service-oriented architecture) and libraries to support clients

02:48 – Why Ankara?

03:24 – Distribution of ELC Technologies

  • Tech lead of 4-6 people
  • All remote except for some dev ops guys in Portland

06:22 – Remote work job postings and securing a job

09:13 – Turkey

  • Unique but similar to the U.S.
  • Giant melting pot
  • Youth-oriented
  • Turkey is the place to be for startups

12:38 – Coordinating & leading a dispersed team

  • Micromanagement
  • Letting people know if they are available for pairing daily

14:50 – Pairing

18:16 – Yak Shaving Days

  • Once per sprint
  • Giant problem that gets a days worth of help from the entire team

19:32 – Communication outside of pairing

  • HipChat
  • Email = important but tricky
  • Wiki

22:15 – Communication is key

  • Non-verbal means of communication
  • Humor is tremendously nonverbal
  • Emoticons
  • Shared context
  • Patience

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