Episode #56: Evan Light

Episode #56: Evan Light

Oct 31, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Evan Light, a freelance software developer and mentor, talks about working with an apprentice, remote mentoring, and the power of reflection and education through suffering.


Show Notes:

Evan Light (twitter / blog / Ruby DCamp / Triple Dog Dare)

 00:52 – Evan Light Introduction

  • Freelance Software Developer
  • Developer Mentor

01:03 – History with remote work

02:36 – Adjusting to working from home

  • Allowed him to focus more
  • Easy at first, but harder the longer he has been doing it
  • Needy cats

06:28 – Day to day work process

  • Maintain 2 clients at a time
  • Remote pairing

07:32 – Pairing with clients

08:20 – Working with an apprentice

  • Working in person
  • Pairing locally

10:07 – Remote mentoring

  • Startups whose code is a mess
  • People who want to learn techniques or learn from a problem

12:40 – Pomodoroing

13:54 – Working with larger distributed teams

  • The people who perform well aren’t the people you expect to perform well and vice versa
  • Work ethic tends to be different in the office than for people who work at home

17:09 – Regular Agile Retrospectives

  • Defining iteration length
  • Describing what things went well and what made people happy and what didn’t work well and made people unhappy

20:54 – Reflection

28:00 – Do what you love and share it with other people and it pays you back

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