Episode #59: Daniel Yoon of Sleepy Giant

Episode #59: Daniel Yoon of Sleepy Giant

Nov 21, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Daniel Yoon of Sleepy Giant, talks about his experience as being “the new guy” on a team located on the other side of the world, knowing whether you’re responsible enough to effectively hold a remote position, and shares a resourceful list of companies who are known to hire remote workers.


Show Notes:

Daniel Yoon (twitter / github)
Sleepy Giant

01:00 – Introduction & Background

  • .NET background
  • Currently works in Ruby
  • Located in Beijing, China

01:40 – Working for a U.S. company while located in China

04:01 – Identifying companies that allow you to work remotely

05:43 – Interview Process

07:29 – Headsets

09:50 – Interview Process (cont’d)

  • Programming Quizzes

10:53 – Advantages of working remotely

13:58 – Home office connection

17:36 – Getting introduced/introducing yourself as a new team member

  • Who’s that guy?
  • Getting lost in translation
  • Feeling anonymous

31:12 – Advice for remote reworkers

  • Can you handle it?
  • Responsibility
  • Have a backup source of Internet

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