Episode #60: Derek Haynes and Andre Lewis of Scout App

Episode #60: Derek Haynes and Andre Lewis of Scout App

Nov 28, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Derek Haynes and Andre Lewis of Scout, talk about meeting and getting to know each other before working together, coworking spaces, and distributed teams unique to big companies versus small companies.


Show Notes:


00:59 – Derek Haynes

  • Met Andre at a Ruby Group in San Francisco in 2006
  • Lives in Fort Collins, CO

01:51 – Andre Lewis

  • Still lives in San Francisco
  • Working with Ruby since 2005

02:36 – Scout

  • Server and application monitoring “simplified”
  • Built for developers by developers

03:25 – Working apart remotely

09:33 – Work environments

  • Coworking spaces

12:08 – Previous experience working remotely

13:53 – Mistakes people make with remote work

  • Big company vs small company
  • Knowing people before you start working with them
  • Personality overlap

16:08 – Advice for remote workers

  • Having a prior relationship
  • Weekly voice chats
  • In-person visits

17:38 – Distributing work

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