Episode #63: Ryan King of Sharpsaw

Episode #63: Ryan King of Sharpsaw

Dec 19, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Ryan King of Sharpsaw, talks about some cool tools and tricks of the trade for remote pairing, security measures to take, and overcoming resistance to the practice.


Ryan King (twitter github rking on Freenode)
Sharpsaw on Github

00:59 – Ryan King Background & History

  • Started development in 1999
  • Took a break to serve in the Army
  • Off and on remote development for commercial and open-source projects
  • Works for a company located in Kansas

02:16 – Pairing Remotely

04:18 – tmux

Command to run a shared tmux (replaces the `weemux` program, which is
overcomplicated, in my opinion):

Start with:
tmux -S /tmp/pair
chmod 777 /tmp/pair # only needed the first time

Pair does:
tmux -S /tmp/pair a

08:05 – Mosh, the Mobile Shell

11:52 – Open-Source Pairing

15:31 – Pair Programming

  • Resistance
  • Feedback
  • Yak shaving period

19:22 – Pairing Security

20:52 – Yak Shaving

22:12 – Benefits of Pairing

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2 Responses to Episode #63: Ryan King of Sharpsaw

  1. brand says:

    T. JohnsShaving mug

  2. ☈king says:

    After doing this interview, we hammered out a few of the pain points of the “shared tmux” session, and wrote this tool:


    It needs more work, but is already pretty handy, if you ask me.

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