Episode #75: Interview with Javier Gonel

Episode #75: Interview with Javier Gonel

Mar 20, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, software engineer Javier Gonel, talks about living and working remotely from Greece and why he enjoys commuting and having the freedom to work from interesting places.


Show Notes:

01:11 – Javier Gonel Introduction

  • Software Engineer from Spain living in Greece
  • Developing an e-learning system for a company in Switzerland
  • Another team is located in Spain

03:37 – Working Remotely

  • Taking the Plunge
  • Communication

07:19 – Benefits of Working Remotely

  • Flexibility
  • Change of Scenery

08:46 – Enjoying Commuting

09:42 – Working from Interesting Places

  • Living in Greece

13:34 – Advice for people thinking about moving to remote work

  • It’s something you need to try
  • Work when inspiration strikes

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