Episode #83: Interview with Tom Moor of Sqwiggle

Episode #83: Interview with Tom Moor of Sqwiggle

May 29, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, cofounder Tom Moor, talks about Sqwiggle: an application that allows remote teams to work together throughout the day.


Show Notes:

Tom Moor (twitter github blog [email protected])

00:41 – Sqwiggle

  • Tom Moor, Cofounder

01:52 – Constant Visual Connection

  • Trusted environment
  • No call function
  • Quick audio/video conversations
  • Presence

05:56 – Capturing Faces

08:08 – Awareness vs Monitoring

08:58 – Features

  • Immediate Connection
  • Busy Mode
  • Statuses
  • Stream

10:44 – Origin

13:22 – Video & Audio Quality

16:06 – Competing with Google+ Hangouts?

17:17 – Upcoming Features

  • File Uploading
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Screencasting

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  1. […] The idea behind the picture is to see, at a glance, if you’re at your computer or not. (There’s nothing worse than trying to chat with someone online and not hearing back quickly. Are they caught up with something else? Deep in the zone? Don’t see the chat notification? In the bathroom right now?). I heard about Sqwiggle on the Wide Teams Podcast Episode 83. […]

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