Episode #92: Wade Foster of Zapier

Episode #92: Wade Foster of Zapier

Aug 7, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

In this episode, Wade Foster of Zapier, talks about the qualities he looks for in hiring a person to work on a distributed team, several newly mentioned tools for remote workers, and different ways to stay connected to your team members.


Show Notes:

Wade Foster (twitter github blog)

00:44 – Wade Foster Introduction

  • Cofounder of Zapier
  • 7 people/4 States

01:18 – Zapier

01:45 – Becoming a Distributed Team

04:01 – Hiring a Person to Work Remotely

  • Written Communication
  • Making Things Happen
  • Trust

06:25 – Tools

19:02 – Team Process

  • Weekly Hangouts

24:45 – Random Check-ins

27:19 – Monthly One-on-Ones

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