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  • Episode #101: JoseLuis Torres

    Episode #101: JoseLuis Torres

    Oct 30, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, JoseLuis Torres, a remote worker from Mexico, talks about his experiences working for a NYC-based startup and the challenges behind that, why it is so important to¬†over-communicate, and to never be afraid to ask questions to clarify expectations. Show Notes: JoseLuis Torres (twitter [email protected]) 01:06 – JoseLouis Torres Introduction 02:04 – U.S. Companies hiring from Mexico 04:16 – Challenges of working for U.S. Companies Remotely 08:26 – What Distributed Companies Do Wrong & Fixes 12:19 – Asking Questions 14:43 – Communication Tools 15:22 – Advice for Others Looking to Get Into Remote Work

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  • Episode #100: Warren Wright

    Episode #100: Warren Wright

    Oct 23, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, Warren Wright shares his story about how the game World of Warcraft helped him break into the world of remote working while taking with him some very valuable management lessons learned from playing the game. Show Notes: Warren Wright (twitter) 01:09 – Warren Wright Introduction & History w/ Remote Work 09:12 – Management Lessons Learned via World of Warcraft 13:27 – A Day in the Life 15:42 – Office Setup 17:20 – Free Time

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  • Episode #99: David Tate

    Episode #99: David Tate

    Oct 16, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, David Tate talks about his various blog posts that he’s written regarding remote work, offers more resources to learn about it, and is even coming out with his own book in the future regarding the subject. Show Notes: David Tate (twitter blog) 00:59 – David Tate Introduction 02:15 – Blog Posts 04:42 – Isolation 05:55 – Lessons Learned 10:18 – Beginning/End of Day Rituals 13:10 – Flexibility, Accessibility & Napping/Sleep Habits 28:18 – Managing a Relationship with a Significant Other 36:30 – The Book

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