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  • Wide Links #9: Smart, Productive, Agile

    Wide Links #9: Smart, Productive, Agile

    Oct 1, 10 • In Links

    It’s been a while since I did one of these. In this edition, productivity tips, videos, notes on distributed Agile processes, and more. A short video interview with Salim Ismail He talks about the importance of meeting your team in person at the start of a project. But what I found most interesting is when he says that he sees dispersed teams as a way to get the best possible talent no matter where they are located. tags: wideteams Work Smart 2: Stay Connected While Telecommuting | Fast Company – Annotated A lot of great advice in this short video. tags: wideteams Working remotely is so liberating–you get to do what you do best, in a location of your choice, without your co-workers or boss always looking over your shoulder. But telecommuting also requires a

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  • Wide Links #8: I’m on a Train!

    Wide Links #8: I’m on a Train!

    Aug 13, 10 • In Links

    Links about remote work and dispersed teams, from all around the web. In this edition: workshifting from the train; the disciplined remote worker; more evidence that telework increases productivity, and more

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  • Wide Links #7: Save the Wave!

    Wide Links #7: Save the Wave!

    Aug 6, 10 • In Links

    Reactions to Google’s announcement that they are shutting down Google Wave, and more news, tips, and opinion from the world of wide teams. Save Google Wave! – Annotated The campaign to save the wave. tags: wideteams When we heard the news about Google Wave being shut down, we were devastated. Google Wave is an invaluable tool that we use every day to keep track and collaborate on projects (in real-time).   Using Google Wave in the Enterprise – Annotated How Wave is being used in the real world (and why they need to keep it alive!) tags: wideteams many businesses and organizations are using Google Wave as their main collaboration tool. While it hasn’t proven itself to be the perfect tool for every company, Google Wave is certainly a good option for many teams, especially

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  • Wide Links #6

    Wide Links #6

    Jul 23, 10 • In Links

    Links about dispersed teams, from around the web. In this edition: coworking from home; evaluating Google Wave; questions to ask a potential remote employer; planning a virtual meeting; and more

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  • Wide Links #5

    Wide Links #5

    Jul 16, 10 • In Links

    In this edition: the US House approves a bill mandating more telework in government agencies; how to hire a remote worker; tools for distributed software teams; making the most of your coworking space, and more! Work Shifting – Lessons Learned From Workshifting tags: wideteams Hiring Remote Workers: 5 Red Flags To Never Ignore | – Annotated tags: hiring remote wideteams People are usually on their best behavior when trying to land a job, so what you observe in the interview phase of the relationship with your freelancer is probably as good as it gets. If a candidate seems difficult to reach, it’s probably because she is.   Use Your Web Advantage to Survive Busy Periods – Annotated tags: wideteams Giving colleagues access to your electronic calendar can also reduce the number of meeting invitations and task

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  • Wide Links #4

    Wide Links #4

    Jul 9, 10 • In Links

    Notes on dispersed teams, from around the web. Today: Inc. magazine goes remote; studies show “vritual” teams can match or outperform collocated ones; and the latest in bathrobe fashion. The Federal Coach: Rethinking the workplace in the 21st century – Tom Fox – Annotated tags: wideteams Yet, with the ever-increasing demands on government, leaders must learn to adapt to the new century and start rethinking when, how and where work is done. The bottom line is simple: it’s not where you are, but what gets accomplished that counts.   Telecommuting’s Win-Win-Win-Win..Etc. | Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit – Annotated tags: wideteams As a new white paper (PDF) from the Telework Research Network (TRN) reports, workshifting is good for People: 70 percent of workers would like to be able to work from home at least some

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  • Wide Links #3

    Wide Links #3

    Jul 2, 10 • In Links

    Links of interest to distributed teams, from around the web. Today: breaking bread remotely, Starbucks gets free wifi, and more. Perfect Labor Storm 2.0: Working Virtual: Goodbye Office, Hello Telework – Annotated More and more people are writing about how the virtual office is the office of the future. tags: virtual office remote Instead of employing a group of competent generalists, the expectation is now one based on specialists who are productive, efficient, and good at meeting deadlines without someone looking over their shoulder. Are your employees ready and able for this challenge? Manage People & Projects – Annotated There are some terrific concrete tips here on fostering communication in a distributed team. I’m going to be adding some of these to my own remote work repertoire. tags: remote work communication Post a

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  • Wide Links #2

    Wide Links #2

    Jun 25, 10 • In Links

    A collection of links about remote work and distributed teams, from around the web. 12 Reasons you should work from home: As I write this from my home office, a pleasant breeze is drifting through the open window. The air is fresh, I am at a comfortable temperature. I can hear the birds singing in the garden. It’s a wonderful work environment. Donanza: sporting the tagline “Work without boundaries”, Donanza is a search engine for online freelance jobs. A “Telework declaration of independence“. A day in the life of a remote worker: I am definitely more productive than when I worked in the office. My work time is  more focused; I can work when I’m a little under the weather; and my time off is not spent in traffic. If I have a break between tasks, I can use

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  • Wide Links #1

    Wide Links #1

    Jun 18, 10 • In Links

    Various recent links of interest to remote workers. This week: virtual scrum meetings, the office of the future, group health plans for freelancers, and much more

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