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  • Ten Reasons to Assemble a Dispersed Team

    Ten Reasons to Assemble a Dispersed Team

    Nov 1, 10 • In Philosophy

    I’ve talked a lot about the “how” of dispersed teams on this site, but what about the “why”? Here are ten reasons to build a geographically distributed team. You’re trying to build a lean startup, creating the first version of your product without taking any VC funding. You’re working after-hours while still doing freelance work to pay the bills. You can’t very well ask your team members to pick up and move to your location – or even commute to an office – while they are working purely for equity. Remote collaboration may be the only way to get the talent you need while staying on a shoestring budget. You are building a software company in one of the great tech hub cities, and you’ve realized it’s hard to find talent at any price because

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  • The Tao of Remote Work

    The Tao of Remote Work

    Jun 16, 10 • In Philosophy

    A meditation on the qualities of remote development by guest author Evan Light. I can only attempt to explain the beauty of remote work.  You need to determine the value of it for yourself.  If what I describe does not strike you as a way to live a better life, then perhaps it is not for you

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  • Telecommuting Considered Harmful

    Telecommuting Considered Harmful

    Jun 14, 10 • In Philosophy

    According to a recent UC Davis study, telecommuting can be harmful to your career. I agree. Terms have a narratives associated with them. The narratives that come with “telecommuter” sound something like these: “As a special thanks for your loyalty, we are allowing senior-level perssonnel to telecommute two days a week”. “In order to cut costs, a new telecommuting initiative is in effect”. “During the inclement weather, a liberal leave policy is in effect, and employees may opt to telecommute”. “Telecommuting” is almost always viewed as a perk, a cost-cutting measure, or a concession to circumstance. As the word itself suggests, a telecommuter is expected to remain a spiritual commuter. She gets up in the morning, has breakfast, and then transports herself virtually to the office for the next eight hours. There she must to

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