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  • Screencast: PiratePad Video Test Drive

    Screencast: PiratePad Video Test Drive

    Aug 9, 10 • In Reviews

    In the wake of Google’s announcement that they are closing Google Wave, it seemed like a good time to showcase some of the tools that can offer subset of Wave’s functionality. PiratePad is one such tool: a web-based, real-time rich text editor which makes it super simple to start sharing documents

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  • Wide Teams Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Michael Bleigh

    Wide Teams Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Michael Bleigh

    Aug 9, 10 • In Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode: some thoughts on the Google Wave shutdown announcement, and talking to Michael Bleugh of Intridea about being part of a 50-person geographically distributed company

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  • Building an Intentional Culture

    Building an Intentional Culture

    Aug 5, 10 • In Practices

    Distributed organizations can have a team culture every bit as vibrant as their collocated equivalent. All it takes is the conscious effort of the team members, and the willingness to take a little extra time. In collocated teams, corporate culture tends to emerge organically and automacally. Through hallway conversations, Happy Hour outings, and lunchtime chatter friendships are made and the team’s unique spirit emerges. Dispersed teams are not so fortunate. Corporate culture can grow slowly or not at all in the thin soil of remote work. And when culture does develop, it may not be of the healthiest variety: plenty of distributed team veterans can tell stories about distrust, resentment, and miscommunication. What do do? Do we just leave the culture out of work, look at it as “just a job”, and get our camaraderie elsewhere? That’s

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  • Landing a Job on a Wide Team

    Landing a Job on a Wide Team

    Aug 4, 10 • In Basics

    A reader emailed me, asking for advice on finding a job with a dispersed team. While I can’t claim to be an expert on the subject, I’m happy to share what I know. Start a Telework Movement at Your Current Job While I’ve never tried to do this myself, some people are successful lobbying for a telework policy at their current place of a employment. This will only become more common as new government regulations and the financial realities of collocation force more and more organizations to consider the remote option. Be Visibly Awesome For many employers, hiring a remote worker can seem like a risky venture. Employers need assurance that you are worth the risk. That’s why I recommend that you start your job search at home, by picking a niche that you love

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  • Wide Links #6

    Wide Links #6

    Jul 23, 10 • In Links

    Links about dispersed teams, from around the web. In this edition: coworking from home; evaluating Google Wave; questions to ask a potential remote employer; planning a virtual meeting; and more

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  • Wide Teams Podcast #6: BohConf Roundtable Part 1

    Wide Teams Podcast #6: BohConf Roundtable Part 1

    Jul 19, 10 • In Podcast

    Today on the podcast, a recording of a roundtable discussion held at the BohConf unconference inside of RailsConf 2010. Topcs covered include teleconferencing practices, why instant messaging can be an antipattern, and different strategies for estimating work

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  • Wide Links #4

    Wide Links #4

    Jul 9, 10 • In Links

    Notes on dispersed teams, from around the web. Today: Inc. magazine goes remote; studies show “vritual” teams can match or outperform collocated ones; and the latest in bathrobe fashion. The Federal Coach: Rethinking the workplace in the 21st century – Tom Fox – Annotated tags: wideteams Yet, with the ever-increasing demands on government, leaders must learn to adapt to the new century and start rethinking when, how and where work is done. The bottom line is simple: it’s not where you are, but what gets accomplished that counts.   Telecommuting’s Win-Win-Win-Win..Etc. | Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit – Annotated tags: wideteams As a new white paper (PDF) from the Telework Research Network (TRN) reports, workshifting is good for People: 70 percent of workers would like to be able to work from home at least some

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  • The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide, part 3: No message left behind

    The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide, part 3: No message left behind

    Jul 6, 10 • In Basics

    In a dispersed team, a good email setup and healthy mail habits are critical to success. In today’s installment of our getting-started guide for dispersed teams, I talk about the importance of capturing all team email into a searchable archive. I also list some disciplines which, once internalized by your team, will ensure that knowledge is not lost or fragmented

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  • The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide: Part 2

    The Wide Teams Bootstrap Guide: Part 2

    Jul 1, 10 • In Basics

    In part 2 of this series, I talk about why face time is essential; the two types of realtime communication tool which should form the backbone of your day to day interactions as a dispersed team; and why instant messaging can do more harm than good. If you missed Part 1 of this series, you may want to go back and read it. Face Time A little face-to-face communication goes a long way with remote work. A day spent working with a teammate in person can change the whole character of your subsequent online interactions. Before, they were a screen name and an avatar. After working with them in person, with every instant message or email they send you’ll have a mental picture of their tone and mannerisms to go with it. People become more

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  • Open Thread – What’s your biggest dispersed team frustration?

    Open Thread – What’s your biggest dispersed team frustration?

    Jun 30, 10 • In Discussion

    No article today. Instead, since this is a community site instead I though it might be fun to get a conversation started. Topic: what is your biggest frustration with working in a dispersed team

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