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  • Wide Links #7: Save the Wave!

    Wide Links #7: Save the Wave!

    Aug 6, 10 • In Links

    Reactions to Google’s announcement that they are shutting down Google Wave, and more news, tips, and opinion from the world of wide teams. Save Google Wave! – Annotated The campaign to save the wave. tags: wideteams When we heard the news about Google Wave being shut down, we were devastated. Google Wave is an invaluable tool that we use every day to keep track and collaborate on projects (in real-time).   Using Google Wave in the Enterprise – Annotated How Wave is being used in the real world (and why they need to keep it alive!) tags: wideteams many businesses and organizations are using Google Wave as their main collaboration tool. While it hasn’t proven itself to be the perfect tool for every company, Google Wave is certainly a good option for many teams, especially

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