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  • Episode #46: Katie Cunningham of Cox Media Group

    Episode #46: Katie Cunningham of Cox Media Group

    Aug 22, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    Katie Cunningham, of Cox Media Group, talks about implementing the Pomodoro time management technique, silly, but effective ways of getting people’s attention in IRC channels, and making yourself attractive to prospective remote employers. Show Notes: Twitter: @kcunning 00:38 – Katie Cunningham introduction & background 03:53 – Cox actively looks for people who can work remotely 06:05 – A day in the life 12:30 – Advantages of working from home 16:20 – Isolation working from home 18:50 – Transitioning to working from home 20:12 – Problems working from home 26:20 – Communication strategies 29:55 – Exercise 33:42 – Where can people find remote work? 36:31 – Making yourself attractive prospective employers 38:38 – Most important pieces of advice for remote workers

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  • Podcast #35: Harvey Losin

    Podcast #35: Harvey Losin

    Jun 6, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    Wide Teams field correspondent Keith Bennett interviews Harvey Losin, talking about outsourcing and the challenges that come with it; working with people in different time zones and cultures; and why knowing business is more valuable than any technical tool you can offer. Show Notes: 02:30 – Harvey’s background and information 04:40 – Working with time zones 05:22 – Communication issues 07:00 – Assignments 09:35 – Working with time zones 11:00 – Tools 12:30 – Providers should adjust to their clients 13:15 – Outsourcing challenges 15:41 – How Harvey got his start 19:35 – Keep a balance of local and overseas clients 20:43 – Never be complacent with technology 25:40 – Studying business 27:25 – Dealing with clients from a different culture 35:00 – Advice

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  • Podcast #33: Keith Casey of Blue Parabola

    Podcast #33: Keith Casey of Blue Parabola

    May 24, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, Keith Casey of Blue Parabola talks about managing a successful PHP company with  a 100% distributed team, being a buffer zone between corporate and open-source worlds, and what mainstream companies look for in hiring remote workers. Show Notes: PHP Architect Web2Project CaseySoftware Twilio 02:06 – Keith Casey introduction and background 03:12 – History of Blue Parabola as a distributed team 04:20 – Blue Parabola 06:30 – A day in the life with Keith 08:22 – Useful tools 09:05 – Web 2 Project 13:45 – Ups and downs of working from home 14:38 – Communicating in person as a team 16:45 – PHP Community 19:20 – Advice for future dispersed teams

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  • Podcast #29: John Hawkins of 9Seeds LLC

    Podcast #29: John Hawkins of 9Seeds LLC

    Apr 27, 11 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, an interview with John Hawkins, one of the founders of 9Seeds, a company that specializes in custom WordPress development. The 9Seeds team is fully dispersed, with every team member working from home. We talked about how 9Seeds came to be a distributed company, and why John intends never to set foot in a brick-and-mortar office again. Show notes: John Hawkins is @vegasgeek on Twitter 9Seeds LLC The Event Ticketing and Affiliate Manager WordPress plugins 9Seeds sponsors WordCamp conferences

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  • 8 Moments of Remote Work Zen

    8 Moments of Remote Work Zen

    Mar 29, 11 • In Discussion, Experiences, Featured

    For some remote workers, leaving the office behind is a choice to spend more time with family. For others, it’s a move to an environment more conducive to focus, or a way to travel the world while still making a living. Whatever your reason for working remotely, it’s good sometimes to reflect on the joys of living and working untethered to a desk. I asked eight remote workers to tell me about their moments of remote work zen—those perfect moments that make it all worthwhile. Here are their answers. —David Browning, co-founder of Two Guys —Sahil Parikh, Founder of DeskAway –Marieke Guy, blogger at Ramblings of a Remote Worker —Ligaya Turmelle —Jessica Dally, Project Manager at TechSoup –D. Keith Casey, Jr., Chief Stuff Breaker at Blue Parabola —Shane Pearlman, CEO of Shane & Peter, Inc.  –John McCaffrey,

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  • Podcast #28: Shane Pearlman of Shane & Peter

    Podcast #28: Shane Pearlman of Shane & Peter

    Mar 23, 11 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode I talk to Shane Pearlman of Shane & Peter, a fully dispersed software consultancy. We talked about recruiting  the right kinds of people for a distributed team, and how to stay connected as friends as well as coworkers. Show notes: Shane Pearlman is @justlikeair on Twitter Shane & Peter Check out the Shane & Peter Lifeblog Redmine Adium Coworking Freelance Camp

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  • Wide Links #19

    Wide Links #19

    Mar 18, 11 • In Links

    The latest and greatest news and resources for remote workers, from all around the web. Set Up Remote Colleagues With the Apps They Need Using Ninite: Online Collaboration « Ninite has a selection of many of the most commonly used apps, including browsers, IM clients, media players, office apps, Flash, PDF readers, security tools, utilities and even some of WWD’s favorite tools, like Dropbox, Evernote and KeePass. The installer installs the most up-to-date version of the apps; running the installer again will update the apps to the latest version.   iPad 2: The Best Tablet for Distributed Teams Just Got Better: Online Collaboration « I’ve talked about the importance of  a “comms appliance” for remote workers; the iPad 2may just be the best device yet for that role. tags: communication videoconferencing ipad People who think

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  • Podcast #27: Susan Tenby & Jessica Dally of TechSoup

    Podcast #27: Susan Tenby & Jessica Dally of TechSoup

    Mar 16, 11 • In Interviews, Podcast

    This podcast is a departure from the dispersed software development teams I usually cover. I interviewed Susan Tenby and Jessica Dally of TechSoup, a nonprofit focused on providing other nonprofits with the technology they need to better accomplish their missions. One way they assist nonprofits is in helping them to use Second Life, a massive on-line “virtual world”, to collaborate and build community online. I talked to Susan and Jessica about why TechSoup is a distributed organization, and why organizations are using Second Life to meet, network, and do their work. For someone who spends a lot of time doing remote collaboration, it was eye-opening for me to discover this whole new frontier of online interaction. After listening to this interview you may just be inspired to add a virtual world meeting space to your

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  • Encouraging Involvement in Distributed Teams

    Encouraging Involvement in Distributed Teams

    Mar 14, 11 • In Basics, Featured, Practices, Tips & Hacks

    One of the biggest challenges in remote work is simply making sure everyone has a strong sense of involvement. In this article Steven Baker, a veteran of dispersed agile software development teams, shares his experiences and recommendations for keeping the communication, camaraderie, and personal connections alive in a distributed setting. When you don’t occupy the same office for the same period of time every day with your co-workers, you can’t walk to your co-worker’s desk, or turn around in your chair to have a chat about what you’re working on. There is no water cooler to mill around get in the loop on what’s happening, and having lunch together is difficult. Differences in location, timezone, and working hours, can all combine to make you and the members of your team disconnected from each other. This

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  • The Well-Equipped Remote Worker

    Mar 7, 11 • In Conferences

    Slides, notes, and links for the talk “The Well-Equipped Remote Worker” delivered on March 5th at the Daycamp 4 Developers 2 virtual conference. On March 5, 2011 I had the great pleasure of delivering a talk entitled “The Well-Equipped Remote Worker” at the Day Camp 4 Developers 2 virtual conference. I’d like to thank Cal Evans, all the other organizers and speakers, and especially the attendees for making the conference possible.I really enjoyed participating, loved the IRC chat, and got a lot of good advice from the other speakers’ talks. As promised, here are slides, notes and links to more information. But first, if you attended the talk, I would greatly appreciate it if you would rate it on SpeakerRate. Thanks! Slides   The Well-Equipped Remote Worker   View more presentations from Avdi Grimm  

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