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  • Episode #85: Allen Maxwell of EmpowerIT

    Episode #85: Allen Maxwell of EmpowerIT

    Jun 12, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, Allen Maxwell of EmpowerIT, talks about several remote tools and resources, collaborative drawing and design, and making remote working work. Show Notes: Allen Maxwell (twitter github [email protected]) 00:36 – Allen Maxwell Introduction 03:09 – Working Remotely 06:46 – “A Day in the Life” 07:24 – Working with Team Members 10:17 – The Evolution of Remote Tools and Pair Programming 14:25 – Making remote working work 16:43 – Collaborative Drawing & Design 21:10 – Face-to-face meetings and nonverbal cues

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  • Episode #83: Interview with Tom Moor of Sqwiggle

    Episode #83: Interview with Tom Moor of Sqwiggle

    May 29, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, cofounder Tom Moor, talks about Sqwiggle: an application that allows remote teams to work together throughout the day. Show Notes: Tom Moor (twitter github blog [email protected]) 00:41 – Sqwiggle 01:52 – Constant Visual Connection 05:56 – Capturing Faces 08:08 – Awareness vs Monitoring 08:58 – Features 10:44 – Origin 13:22 – Video & Audio Quality 16:06 – Competing with Google+ Hangouts? 17:17 – Upcoming Features

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  • Episode #81: Interview with J Sherwani and Vishal Kapur of Screenhero

    Episode #81: Interview with J Sherwani and Vishal Kapur of Screenhero

    May 8, 13 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, J Sherwani and Vishal Kapur talk about Screenhero: a new and convenient collaborative screen sharing application.  Show Notes: J Sherwani (twitter linkedin) Vishal Kapur (twitter github linkedin) 01:01 – J Sherwani Introduction 01:35 – Vishal Kapur Introduction 02:17 – Screenhero 02:43 – Presentation Tools vs Collaboration Tools 05:10 – Proxying 05:54 – Inventing Screenhero 08:15 – The Screenhero Team 09:48 – Use Cases 12:49 – Proxying Desktop Audio 13:41 – Feature Requests 15:34 – In The Works/Improving Screenhero 18:33 – Using Screenhero while Collocated 20:31 – Mobile to Mobile App 23:26 – Work for Screenhero!

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  • Podcast #38: Vassilis Rizopoulos of Zühlke

    Podcast #38: Vassilis Rizopoulos of Zühlke

    Jun 27, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    Vassilis Rizopoulos, of Zühlke, talks about what it is like to handle equipment that can be remotely operated, working within a company’s IT limitations, and the importance of setting boundaries when working from home. Show Notes: Twitter: @arcandros Google+ EuRuKo Zühlke 01:20 – Vassilis’ history and background 05:30 – Embedded hardware development 08:49 – Structure of Vasillis’ remote teams 11:17 – Iteration meetings 14:36 – Daily stand-ups 15:24 – Interaction with co-workers 18:30 – Information radiators 22:41 – Working with IT limitations 26:00 – Advice for working remotely 27:00 – Positives and negatives of working remotely

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  • Podcast #34: Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group

    Podcast #34: Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group

    May 31, 12 • In Featured, Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, Ron Evans of The Hybrid Group talks about being a part of a consultancy and the importance of reputation, balancing family and distributed work, and a wonderful project aimed at our youth to introduce them to coding at a young age and keep the Ruby community alive and thriving! Show Notes: Twitter: @deadprogram The Hybrid Group Kanban Pad  The Kids Ruby Project Clutch 00:51 – Introduction 01:50 – Interview begins 02:05 – Ron’s background 04:05 – Sustainable development 04:38 – Communication practices 06:00 – Being extreme 06:40 – Tools 11:45 – Consultancies 14:10 – Building a remote culture 23:40 – History of The Hybrid Group 29:35 – Pair programming and when to do it 36:48 – Does agile development work? 38:30 – Family and distributed work 41:50 – The Kids Ruby Project

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  • Podcast #26: Sahil Parikh of

    Podcast #26: Sahil Parikh of

    Mar 8, 11 • In Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode I talked to Sahil Parikh of, a web-based collaboration tool for distributed teams. This is another episode recovered from near-disastrous technical malfunction, and as a result all of my audio has been re-dubbed. Thankfully, Sahil’s insights into he advantages of a dispersed team have been fully preserved. Show notes: Sahil Parikh is @sahilparikh on Twitter. Check out DeskAway at / @deskaway

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  • The Well-Equipped Remote Worker

    Mar 7, 11 • In Conferences

    Slides, notes, and links for the talk “The Well-Equipped Remote Worker” delivered on March 5th at the Daycamp 4 Developers 2 virtual conference. On March 5, 2011 I had the great pleasure of delivering a talk entitled “The Well-Equipped Remote Worker” at the Day Camp 4 Developers 2 virtual conference. I’d like to thank Cal Evans, all the other organizers and speakers, and especially the attendees for making the conference possible.I really enjoyed participating, loved the IRC chat, and got a lot of good advice from the other speakers’ talks. As promised, here are slides, notes and links to more information. But first, if you attended the talk, I would greatly appreciate it if you would rate it on SpeakerRate. Thanks! Slides   The Well-Equipped Remote Worker   View more presentations from Avdi Grimm  

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  • Of Tools and Chasms

    Of Tools and Chasms

    Mar 7, 11 • In Toolkit

    There are a dazzling array of agile project management tools out there, with new ones being added every day. More and more of them are targeted at geographically dispersed teams, claiming to increase productivity, enhance communication, and improve our insight into the state of the project. The hidden cost of these tools, however, can be complexity. I asked David J. Bland, an Agile coach and a speaker on distributed agile project management, to write about the pitfalls of complexity, and the virtue of using simple tools in a dispersed agile software development team.   So your enterprise organization has decided to adopt agile. Everyone on your team received a two day training course, a subscription to safari books online and a login for the spiffy new Agile Project Management (APM) tool. Now go forth with

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  • Podcast #24: Derek Wade

    Podcast #24: Derek Wade

    Feb 15, 11 • In Interviews, Podcast

    In this episode, a conversation with Derek Wade, a collaboration expert and Team Coach at Kumido Adaptive Systems. We talk about building “high-gravity” distributed teams, work-scapes, and the benefits of simple, free-form tools for collaboration. This episode is “back from the dead” — all of the audio from my side of the interview was lost, but I reconstructed and re-dubbed my questions so that I could share this interview. Show notes: Derek can be found at, and is @derekwwade on Twitter. Slides for the presentation “High Gravity Distributed Teams“ The #lrnchat hashtag on Twitter I did a video demo of the Cardmeeting tool

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  • Screencast: Cardmeeting

    Screencast: Cardmeeting

    Dec 1, 10 • In Toolkit

    One of the simplest, most versatile tools for meetings is the good ole’ stack of index cards. Is it possible to recreate the experience of pushing 3×5 cards around on the table in a virtual meeting? In this video I demonstrate a free tool that does a pretty good job of it. Sometimes the simple tools are the most useful. Cardmeeting is a tool that enables members of a dispersed team to collaboratively move virtual index cards around on a virtual table top. Best of all, it’s completely free! Check out this video for a quick demonstration

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